Mass Intentions

For those who wish to have Masses said, please:
1-Pick up a Mass Intention envelope from the back table in the sanctuary, complete as shown in the
example below, and place stipend in the envelope, OR
2- Indicate clearly on a piece of paper their name, the intention of the Mass to be said (including, if
applicable, the name of any person(s) for whom the intention is associated) and to put this
information and the stipend in an envelope for Father. Also, please indicate whether the person for
whom a Mass is intended is deceased or living.
3-Place all envelopes for Mass intentions in the box located on the wall across from the stairs near
the break room. It is very helpful for these to always be put in the box and not given directly to
1-Father is unable to guarantee specific dates when Masses will be celebrated, so please do not
request a specific date as it cannot be honored. All Mass intentions are scheduled on the first
available date in the order received. 
2-Current Stipend amounts:
o For one Mass: $20 (USD only)
o For a novena of Masses (9 consecutive Masses): $200 (USD only)
o Those unable to pay this stipend rate should speak with Father about a lower stipend.
3-The stipend in no way corresponds with the value of a Mass, which is of infinite value. Expressions
such as: “How much does a Mass cost?” or “How much is it for a Mass?” are inaccurate and should
not be used. The correct form is: “What is the stipend for a Mass?”

EXAMPLE – Mass Intention Envelope: